About Us

In the summer of 2015, I vacationed in central Florida and visited a local vendor night in the town square of one of The Villages, Florida. There were many different vendors selling their wares but a soapmaker caught my attention. I had always suffered from extremely dry and irritated skin from having diabetes most of my life. Nothing helped - I used many different "moisturizing" soap and lotion only to have to reapply many times throughout the day to get any kind of relief. I would use anti-itch creams on my legs and arms and buy gentle lotions from anywhere I could find them. I would keep them in my bags, my car, my nightstand, my bathroom - you name it, i would have a bottle there.

After talking with the gentleman there, I bought a bar of their soap. It was a simple coconut soap and I couldn't wait to try it. I went back to my room that night and used that soap for the first time. And immediately ... I WAS HOOKED. It took another few weeks to fully feel relief from my lifelong battle with dry skin, and I will never never look back. I have been using handmade soap ever since.

I came home from that vacation and tried to find the vendor online. They did not have a website. So, I did some research and started to make my own. I've changed recipes, tried different combinations and altogether scrapped oils from my line. But after 2 years and a lot of trial and error, I finally came up with a recipe that I loved. And here we are today.

I recently filed for and got my business off the ground and have been successful in branding and sales. I sell my products on the Etsy marketplace and in person, and am looking to expand even further by selling on my own website and to wholesale accounts. If you've seen my products in a local shop, and it has brought you here - Thank You, have a look around, and enjoy your stay.